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Palm island dao

Welcome to Palm Island! We are excited to introduce you to our vibrant community and the many features we have to offer. At Palm Island, you can participate in our Discord economy, shop at our merch store, browse and buy unique items in our marketplace, and access exclusive launchpad opportunities. Our project is dedicated to reducing Co2 in our region, and we have created a token to help us achieve this goal.

We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future. We hope you’ll join us on this important mission and become a part of this Dao. See you on the beach!

Palm island ecosystem flow-chart

Palm Island provides a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for anyone interested in learning about the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our interactive flow chart visually represents the different stages of the NFT lifecycle, from creation to trade and storage. But our platform goes beyond that, it highlights the expanding utility that holders of our NFTs can gain through our staking platform.

Users can stake their NFTs in return for $PALM tokens, which can later be swapped for solana. This feature not only provides holders with a source of income, but also the opportunity to gain exposure to other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, our staking platform offers other benefits such as discounts on trading fees, exclusive access to certain NFTs, or voting rights on platform governance.

On our Discord, you will also find detailed information and resources on the staking platform and how to use it, as well as tutorials and guides for those new to staking and cryptocurrency. Whether you’re a seasoned NFT collector or just starting to explore the world of blockchain, Palm Island has something for everyone.”

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An astronaut exploring the space of technology.




Serial entrepreneur and boxer. I really love my Solana’s.




The world is my canvas 🌍



community Manager

My name is Smart. I’m a very friendly guy in love with NFTs.


You can get on the VIP List through Partnered Projects/DAOs, Winning Activities & Giveaways.

Yes, holders of the Bahrainees NFT will get a free mint based on their holdings. 


1 Bahrainees = 1 Island Beach Club

2 Bahrainees = 2 Island Beach Club

And so on…