973 NFTS Building the Island's Ecosystem



A collection of 973 randomly generated NFTs inspired from Bahrain’s society. Splitting into 4 rarities, each of which generates different amount in staking rewards.

How to identify rarity?

#1 – #650 Common

#651 – #918 Rare

#919 – 963 Super Rare

#964 – 973 Legendary 

The Farm

Bahrainees can spend a day of work at the farm to harvest $PALM.


Building an ecosystem where holders can utilize their Bahrainees and the $PALM token.

Our mission is to constantly update and build within the ecosystem. 


Bahrainees mint is at the Harbor. Public mint starts on the 20th of June.

1- Add Phantom wallet extension

2- Create your wallet

3- Connect your wallet at the harbor 

4- Click on Mint 

That's it 🙂

The best way to guarantee a WL spot is to hold a Bahrainees NFT. There will be a few more opportunities to get a whitelist. Join the Discord & follow our Twitter for your chance to get WL.

Holders & Whitelisted mint

18th of June 

Holders & Whitelisted members qualify for multiple mints.
Price 0.35 SOL (13USD+-)

Public Mint 20 June (Until Sold Out)

Price 0.7 Solana (25 USD+-)