Staking Farm

Its always time for harvesting

Drop off your NFTs at the Farm and start earning $PALM 👨‍🌾

City Hall

One for all and all for one

The City Hall holds all assets, NFTs & funds. Propose & vote to shape the future of Palm Island.

The Bazaar

Trade NFTs with $PALM

Welcome to the official Palm Island Marketplace. Buy & sell NFTs using Palm Island’s native token, $PALM 🌴

Town Fair

Raffle for NFTs and $PALM

Use $PALM or SOL to buy tickets for a chance to win NFTs, SOL, $PALM, IRL Prizes and More!

Join The Club

Are you on the VIP List?

Be a part of Palm Island’s community and ecosystem. 


🛠 closed for maintenance 🛠

New drops & mints can be found here unloading at the Harbor ⚓

Point Shop

🚧 Under construction 🚧

A part of Palm Island’s economy bot expansion.